Paste the Wall

Paste the wall is great for residential interiors, commercial interiors, bathrooms and kitchens - this is your best option for a high end finish and will last for years to come. You'll need a wallpaper installation professional to install.

Paste the Wall Options

Select from the above three varieties of Paste the Wall wallpaper. Traditional Paste the Wall, Linen Paste the Wall and Textured Paste the Wall. Allowing you to further enhance the look of your next interior project. We strongly recommend ordering a sample prior to purchasing a full wall, as wallpaper is a custom made - non-returnable product.

Preparation is everything!

Preparation is key! Preparing a wall for wallpaper is the most important step! From triple checking your measurements to preparing your wall and making sure your panels are in the right install order... Never skip your wall preparation guide. Find your inner perfectionist, grab a friend or two and follow these steps: 

Order A Sample

Browse our wide range of wallpapers and always order a sample so you can review your chosen design, colour & pattern is suitable for your interior project. Don't skip this step, you may find that the wallpaper you've chosen doesn't suit your project and unfortunately as wallpaper is custom made it's non-refundable, always ensure you've ordered a sample and that you love the design before ordering a full wall.

Prepare Your Walls

Whilst you're waiting for your wallpaper samples to arrive, you'll need to prepare your wall - this can take some time and is very important to the success of your install and the end result. Never install any wallpaper directly to plasterboard, drywall or concrete. For paste-the-wall wallpaper, the raw plaster or porous concrete can soak up the paste, eliminating anything substantial for your wallpaper to adhere to. You'll need to apply a specific primer to seal the plasterboard or drywall before applying wallpaper paste (more on this below).

Your wallpaper needs a smooth, flat surface to look its best; with a putty or polyester filler, even out dents and cracks then sand back to achieve a flat, smooth surface.

If you're applying a dark or vibrantly coloured wallpaper, you may like to paint the wall (before priming) in a similar color to your chosen wallpaper - this will ensure where the edges of the wallpaper meet (your wallpaper has a butt join) that the background doesn’t show through at the seams.

Prime the wall - priming will do a number of things for your wallpaper from sealing any filler you've used to blocking any repelling 'washable type' paints from rejecting the wallpaper paste adhering to it. If you skip this step or prime your wall haphazardly, this may cause your new wallpaper paper to bubble or fall off. If after installing your wallpaper you experience bubbling or your wallpaper doesn't adhere fully, failing to properly prepare and prime your wall is the reason why.

We want to go over this again, in a little more detail... many modern paints contain‘wash & wear or washable' properties (this is due to chemical additives, which in a busy modern life can be wonderful but it's no friend of wallpaper!). These types of paints are designed to repel anything from adhering to theme, this includes wallpaper paste and even self-adhesive wallpapers.

You must always prime your walls prior to installation. Prime the surface with water-based plaster sealer such as Metylan wallpapering primer for old plaster, drywall and concrete. Prime new gypsum plaster and firm, highly absorbent surfaces with diluted wallpaper paste (also called sizing the wall). If the surface is smooth but not absorbent, you can make the surface compatible with wallpaper by applying a nonwoven liner - if unsure, we recommend you consult a wallpaper installation professional for guidance to ensure your finished result is a beautiful one that you can enjoy for years to come. 

Pro Tip: You must wait a minimum of 30 days before commencing any work on a freshly painted wall, allowing the paint adequate time to cure/set; do not prime a wall or install wallpaper on a wall that has been painted less than 30 days ago.

Now that your wall is all prepared and you've decided on your sample - you are ready to place your order!

Check Your Measurements

(And then check them again!); It is important that you order the correct size on your first order as unfortunately we cannot guarantee that wallpaper printed in different print runs on different days will be an exact match, each wallpaper is custom made just for you! Most Olive et Oriel wallpaper designs are not repeat patterns and unfortunately purchasing 'extension panels' after your initial order is not possible. To avoid disappointment, please triple check your measurements.

The information provided above is for guidance only and is to assist in do-it-yourself application(s) but without warranty as the skill of application and site conditions / environment are beyond our control. If you are unsure of any steps, we highly recommend consulting a professional of non-woven wallpaper installation.

We recommend hiring a professional to install traditional paste-the-wall wallpaper. However below is a guide for DIY installation:Download installation guide

Suitable for: Residential and commercial interior fit-outs and bathroom areas (always apply a mould and mildew inhibiting non-woven wallpaper paste for bathroom areas and finish with a suitable high-quality clear decorators varnish for bathrooms and high-traffic areas like restaurants, cafes and hotels). 

Not suitable for use on: Highly textured walls, near open flames or high heat areas.

Panel Width: 70cm

Made to order: Ships in 1-2 business days

For the best result and longevity of your wallpaper - we recommend hiring a wallpaper installation professional to install.

What's next in the 5 step ordering process?

Wallpaper takes preparation, there are particular steps you'll need to take to ensure the best outcome for your wallpaper. It's very important you thoroughly read our guides (shown below) for your chosen wallpaper.

Once you've decided on the type of wallpaper you need and you've read our preparation guidelines it's time to choose from our collection of wallpapers and wall murals, decide on your colour palette and order your samples! Don't forget -- We offer free customised designs, thanks to our friendly team who will work with you to ensure your wallpaper pattern or mural is perfect for your wall and your style.

Once your samples have arrived you now have the opportunity to change the scale or colour of the designs. Our team can work through this with you. Once you've decided on your final wallpaper design, it's time to place your order! Measure the height and width of your wall as a start and if you're unsure, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team.

Step 5. Measure up!

Measuring your wall is easier than you think. Regardless of obstacles (windows, doors, cupboards or slopes). Simply measure the widest and tallest points in your room.

Helpful measuring tips

Regardless of obstacles (windows, doors, cupboards or even air-conditioning units) all you need is the absolute widest and tallest points of your walls. You'll trim around any obstacles during installation.

If in doubt, contact our friendly customer care team for advice.

Simply ignore any angles in the room and measure the absolute widest and highest point in the room, any excess will be trimmed away after installation.

We can produce 99% of our wallpapers as wide or as tall as you require.

Keep in mind regardless how wide you require the wallpaper, it is always produced and pre-trimmed in 70cm (27.55in) wide panels (so when calculating custom measurements we calculate in 70cm increments, we can make your wallpaper as wide as you need when keeping this in mind).

If it sounds confusing, don't worry - simply get in touch with our friendly Customer Care team who will happily assist with a custom quote for you.

Call 0497 453 519 during business hours or email

Olive et Oriel business hours are: Monday - Saturday 8am - 4.30pm AEST

We are located an hour north of Sydney, NSW on the sunny Central Coast of Australia.

Measure up, then check again (to avoid disappointment - it never hurts to check your measurements a third time!) You need to make sure you're ordering enough wallpaper first time, as we cannot guarantee additional panels ordered at a later date will match in colour or pattern.

That's it! You're ready!

You now have all the information you need to now order your wallpaper. If you need any help processing your order, simply get in touch with our friendly Customer Care team!

Traditional: Paste the Wall

Paste the wall is great for commercial projects, residential interiors, bathrooms and kitchens - this is your best option for a high end finish and will last for years to come. You'll need a wallpaper installation professional to install.

Self Adhesive: Peel and Stick

Peel and stick is ideal for light residential interiors and small indoor projects - this is a great option for semi-permanent decorating. A great option for advanced DIYers ready to take on their next home decorating project.


All wallpapers are shipped in pre-trimmed 70cm (700mm panels), with butt join style seam (no over-lapping required) for ease of install.

Easy to clean

Gently wipe away any spills as quickly as possible with a damp cloth and warm, soapy water - avoid use of chemicals and dry off immediately with a lint-free cloth. Do not scrub. Some stains may not be able to be removed. 

Made for you

Olive et Oriel wallpapers are not mass-produced as rolls with repeat drops.

Our wallpapers are unique in their pattern type and design, it's easier to think of our wallpapers as murals that are designed to fit your unique wall size.

As our products are made here in Australia by Olive et Oriel, it allows you to be in control of the design - as an example, we can customise the size of flower to be 1cm or 50cm, a dot pattern could be made to almost any colour you can dream of, it's up to you!

The pattern scale, colour tones and design on 99% of our designs are all customisable - simply contact us prior to ordering for free custom alterations.

Product Information

Your new wallpaper is made in Australia. We offer fast shipping anywhere in the world.

Our most popular wallpaper type due to it’s longevity and luxurious finish. Our paste-the-wall wallpaper is non-woven and eco-friendly with a softly-matte feel our wallpaper boasts:

• Excellent colour vibrancy

• 70cm (27.55in) non-repeating panels produced to your required height (+10cm height excess free of charge)

• High definition printing

• Easy installation and advanced DIY friendly

• Wipe-clean surface

• No-VOC inks

• PVC-free

• Durable and tear resistant

• Very dark colours result in a luxurious satin finish

• Environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced

• Breathable material helps prevent moisture locking and the build up of damp

• Fire rated

• Water and humidity resistant. Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens however we recommend using a suitable decorators varnish for longevity in wet-areas.

• Always keep away from high heat areas.

Fire classification according to EN 13501-1: class B – s1, d0 / very limited contribution to fire; therefore allowed for ceilings and staircases. Full certificate available upon request.

It is upon the purchaser to ensure this product is suitable for the location and wall it is to be installed based on all information provided within this detailed product page and the drop down sections above.

Unfortunately due to the highly custom made nature of wallpaper, we do not offer refunds / returns or exchanges based on changed of mind, wrong decisions or incorrect choice.

You must purchase a sample and review prior to purchasing a full wall to ensure you have chosen the right design for your interior project.

Wallpapers are non-refundable.

Disclaimer: Whilst all testing of wallpaper has shown positive feedback, it is important to know that we cannot guarantee that under any and all circumstances that no adhesive will remain on the surface when removed or that your surface will adhere to it, or that no cosmetic damages will occur.

Any damages sustained to your wall is highly dependent on your local environment and how your wall was prepared from the beginning of it's time - which unfortunately we have no control over.

From plasterboard through to paint - the number of painted coats on your wall, age and type of paint used, undulation, dryness or dampness of your intended surface, no PVA primers used, heat from the sun etc may all have effects when removing wallpaper from the surface, including during installation.

Unfortunately we cannot control your local environment or how your wall was prepared from the beginning of its time.

We do however provide an exceptionally high quality wallpaper product with incredible full colour printing that has been custom made - just for you.

Choking hazard: Wallpaper and wall decals are not toys, full adult supervision is required - keep out of reach of children. We advise against hanging wallpaper above a cot, baby or childs bed.


Always wait a minimum of 30 days before commencing any work on a freshly painted wall, allowing the paint adequate time to cure/set; do not prime a wall or install wallpaper on a wall that has been painted less than 30 days ago.

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