Wall Decal Instructions

Let's get started...

Hanging wall decals is a fun way to engage and interact with your family. We always suggest our customers take a ‘before & after’ photo so you can see just how much you can transform your room!

Always read our detailed product information (via the drop-down tabs on your chosen wall decal product page) and disclaimer prior to purchasing or installing.

How to Install:
Peel, stick & smooth onto your wall - it's that easy!

We strongly advise against placing decals near a cot, baby or childs bed. Choking hazard: Decals are not toys, they are easy to remove - full adult supervision is required.

We can't wait to see how you style your Olive et Oriel decals.

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Before Installing:
1. Check to ensure self-adhesive wallpaper / decal products are compatible with your paint type, wall decals are not compatible with 'wash & wear, washable, endurance type' paints or paints with repellant additives.
2. Read our below disclaimer
3. When you're ready to install, firstly wipe your wall down with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth (no chemicals!) to remove any dust from your wall.
4. You're now ready to install your decals!


It is upon the purchaser to ensure this product is suitable for the location and wall it is to be installed based on all information provided within our detailed 'Decals' product pages. We recommend you purchase a sample to test stick-on style prior to purchase. We also recommend you check with your paint provider that your painted wall is suitable for peel & stick self-adhesive based products prior to purchasing.

Whilst all testing of Peel & Stick repositionable wallpaper and wall decals has shown positive feedback and undergone years of testing via this patented product, it is important to know that we can not guarantee that under any and all circumstance the material will stay completely in-tact and/or that no adhesive will remain on the surface when removed or that your surface will not adhere to it. The number of painted coats on your wall, age and type of paint used, direct, undulation, dryness or dampness of your intended surface, no PVA primers used, heat from the sun may have effects when removing from the surface.

We strongly advise against hanging wallpaper or placing wall decals above a cot, baby or childs bed due to the ease of removal. Choking hazard: Wallpaper and wall decals are not toys, they can be easily removed - full adult supervision is required.

All about our wall decals


Finish: Woven / fabric matt wall decals, suitable for light residential interiors.

Fabric: 50% polyester, 45% polyethylene terephtalate PET / 0.10 mil total

Ink: Printed with aqueous (water based inks)

Flame resistance: Fire rated ASTM-E84: Class A (USA) / AS3837: Class 1 (Australia / NZ)

Care: As our decals are printed using water based inks, they cannot be cleaned.


How long do they take to ship?

Olive et Oriel proudly produces all wall decals right here in Australia, made to order.


All wall decals are printed and shipped within 24hrs* of ordering.


We ship our Peel & Stick self-adhesive wall decals all around the world. Please review our shipping guide for information on transit times to your home.


*Should your wall decals have a quality control issue, this may delay our standard turnaround time - however, we will contact you to let you know if this occurs. We want to make sure your new decals are perfect!

Custom requests

If you can't find the wall decal you require, don't worry - simply get in touch with our Customer Care team who will happily assist with your enquiry, please call 0497 453 519 during business hours or email help@oliveetoriel.com


Olive et Oriel business hours are:
Monday - Saturday 8am - 4.30pm AEST


We are located an hour north of Sydney, NSW on the Central Coast of Australia.

Before & After

Don't forget to take a before & after photo so you can show your family, friends and Olive et Oriel just how beautiful your room looks with wall decals!

Proudly made in Australia by Olive et Oriel.

You shouldn’t have to wait to decorate your home. We print & ship all wall decal orders within 24hrs.

- Teigan McCleary
Founder, Olive et Oriel