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How To Order

Your new wallpaper will be made in Australia, just for you which means the control is in your hands in terms of design.

If you have a specific colour in mind or want to change the look of our designs or even submit your own unique design, we're all for it - but first, we've got a few things to work through together!

Sit back, relax and let's get into our easy 5 step ordering process below.

Before you get started with selecting your favourite design, you'll need to work out which wallpaper is best suited to your project. We offer two types of wallpaper here at Olive et Oriel, paste the wall wallpaper or self-adhesive. Please see our detailed guides below.

Traditional Paste-the-Wall Wallpaper:
- Requires application of paste to the wall.
- Ideal for large projects
- Available in two luxury finishes
- Less initial wall preparation required than peel & stick.
- Offers a more permanent bond.
- Best for experienced DIYers.
- Suitable for various interior walls with light textures like orange peel finished walls.
- Smooth, flat indoor surface required.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper:
- Self-adhesive backing for mess-free application.
- Specialised wall preparation required
- No need for additional paste or water.
- Ideal for small projects.
- Easily removable and repositionable.
- Suitable only for smooth interior surfaces like flat walls, glass, vinyl, and mirrors.
- Not suitable for textured walls.

To achieve optimal results with your wallpaper, meticulous preparation and specific steps are essential. Ensure success by thoroughly reviewing the pertinent guides designed for your chosen wallpaper type—be it traditional paste the wall or peel & stick (linked below).

Once you've identified the desired type of wallpaper and familiarized yourself with our preparation guidelines, delve into our expansive collection of wallpapers and wall murals.

Select your preferred color palette and order samples!

Remember, our design team is available to help if you want to explore different colors for any design thansk to our complimentary design service. Feel free to reach out to us for previews and to receive your personalized wallpaper sample.

Do I have to order a sample?

Ordering a wallpaper sample is essential. It allows you to preview the pattern, color, and texture in your home, ensuring the final product matches your expectations. Since our wallpapers are custom-made and cannot be refunded, exchanged, or returned, sampling is a crucial step to avoid disappointment.

Skipping the sample step could lead to dissatisfaction, as custom-made wallpapers are final sales. To ensure you're completely happy with your choice before committing to a full wall order, we strongly recommend ordering a sample. This simple step can save you from potential regret and ensure your wallpaper perfectly suits your space.

Once your samples have arrived you now have the opportunity to finalise the scale or colour of the designs.

Our team can work through this with you.

Once you've decided on your final wallpaper design, it's time to place your order! Measure the height and width of your wall as a start and if you're unsure, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team.

Measuring your wall is easier than you think with our detailed How To Measure Guide.

Regardless of obstacles (windows, doors, cupboards or slopes). Simply measure the widest and tallest points in your room - keep in mind, your wallpaper is produced in 48cm (480mm) wide pre-trimmed panels.

Always add an extra 15cm to your width to account for excess required during installation.

Need more guidance? Reach out to our team.

Step 1. Which wallpaper type do you need?

So, you've fallen in love with a wallpaper. Before you order, let's decide which wallpaper type is right for your next project.

Buy Australian Removable Wallpaper Online At Olive et Oriel A Fun Way To Decorate Rustic Country or Coastal Beach House Paste the Wall paper For Your Living Room or Bedroom Walls Update Your Home Decorating Interior Style

Paste the Wall | Linen & Smooth Wallpaper

Paste the wall is well-suited for commercial spaces, light residential interior projects, as well as bathrooms and kitchens. It offers the best choice for achieving a high-end finish that will endure for years. Professional installation by a skilled wallpaper expert is recommended. Available in either a smooth or linen-textured finish.

Buy Australian Removable Wallpaper Online At Olive et Oriel A Fun Way To Decorate Rustic Country or Coastal Beach House Peel And Stick Wall paper For Your Living Room or Bedroom Walls Update Your Home Decorating Interior Style

Self Adhesive: Peel and Stick

Peel and stick is perfect for light residential spaces and small indoor projects with smooth, flat surfaces. Ideal for advanced DIYers seeking a semi-permanent decorating solution for their home projects. Before installation, specialized wall preparation is necessary. This choice is exclusively available in a polyester fabric finish with a self-adhesive backing.

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