What type of art do you put in a bedroom?

Olive et Oriel founder, Teigan Geercke is here to tackle the tough questions with you on everything wall decor.

The bedroom, often considered the most personal space within one's home, serves as a haven of comfort, serenity, and reflection. This intimate retreat is not merely a space designated for rest, but it is also a canvas for self-expression, a gallery that subtly showcases your personality, preferences, and aesthetic. In curating the art for this crucial space, the task extends beyond selecting pieces that are visually appealing. The art chosen should harmonize with the room’s ambience, contribute to its soothing atmosphere, and resonate with the occupant's inner world, serving as a visual echo of their identity, aspirations, and sense of style.

In light of this, identifying the perfect art pieces for the bedroom may appear daunting, particularly when the market is saturated with an array of options that vary in style, size, quality, and price. Navigating through this expansive selection requires a discerning eye, an understanding of one’s personal style, and knowledge of how different types of art can influence the room's overall feel and energy. Each piece should not only be a delight to the eyes but should also embody the tranquility and introspection that bedrooms are cherished for.

This is where Olive et Oriel remarkably stands out, serving as a beacon for individuals in pursuit of art that is not only affordable but also exudes elegance, sophistication, and professional finesse. Specializing in a diverse range of fine art, including stylish, contemporary posters and meticulously framed canvas art, Olive et Oriel provides a treasure trove of options designed to cater to various tastes, preferences, and bedroom themes.

Choosing the perfect bedroom artwork

Subtle and Calming Options:
The collection at Olive et Oriel includes a range of abstract art that speaks to subtlety and tranquility. These pieces, with their soothing color palettes and gentle forms, are designed to foster a serene and calming ambiance in your bedroom, making them ideal choices for creating a peaceful retreat.

Modern Photographic Art:

If your taste leans more towards the contemporary, the modern photographic art available at Olive et Oriel might be your preferred choice. These pieces capture the beauty and complexity of the world through a lens, offering striking visuals that are bound to be conversation starters while providing a sophisticated atmosphere.

Tips for Selecting Bedroom Art:

  • Art that Reflects and Soothes:
    Consider pieces that are not only reflective of your personality but also contribute to creating a calming environment, essential for rest and relaxation.

  • Timeless Over Trendy:
    While trends can be exciting and refreshing, opting for timeless pieces ensures that your bedroom's aesthetic remains classic and enduring, reducing the need for frequent updates.

  • Diversified Options:
    From tranquil landscapes and fine art photography to vibrant modern art and delicate botanicals, having a variety of art types allows for a dynamic yet cohesive visual experience in the bedroom.

Quotes with Caution

While quotes can be inspirational, they should be used judiciously in bedroom spaces to avoid a cluttered or clichéd appearance. Small, meaningful quotes may be appropriate for children's or teens' bedrooms, but adult spaces often benefit from more sophisticated and timeless art pieces.